Wednesday, 20 May 2015 3 for £50 offer... plus loads of freebies included!

I received an email this morning that was far too tempting to turn down! The email was from with a special offer that made me think 'Wow. Take my Paypal payment right now!!!'
The offer? 3 for £50 on a bunch of high price tag items. Now, 3 for £50 at first glance might sound a little high, but some of the brands that are included are really high end and fancy. Also in the email was another special offer where if you spend £50 you get a free HD Brows Eyeshadow palette worth £30. I believe that the offer of the free palette is exclusive to people that are signed up to their mailing list. As well as that, if you spend over £50 you get a free 'premier skincare sample'.
Sounds like you get a lot already, right?  Well, I just got an extra product for FREE! Yup, free. How?! I hear you cry... well, it's all down to the brand you pick to buy and the offers that run side by side.
The brand Alterna are currently on offer on Look Fantastic at 3 for 2 and quite a few items are also in the 3 for £50 offer. I knew that I wanted the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo, so I added that to my basket and spied a couple of Alterna products that I fancied. Then a thought occured to me... 'I wonder if I can add another Alterna product to my basket for the 3 for 2 offer. Low and behold, IT WORKED! So, I ended up with 3 for £50... then an added extra free Alterna product, the HD Brows palette & an Eve Lom Cleanser & Muslin cloth.
I'm not sure if the Alterna offer & the 3 for £50 offer are meant to work together, but if you want the products, it's definitely worth trying out!

Not only that... but if you use a cashback site like Quido (where you can earn money by just doing your normal internet shopping) can get some cashback too! Not joined up to Quidco yet? Go here (You get £2 cashback just for joining up!)

Here's what I ended up ordering & how much I paid. For some reason it came to a little more than £50, but with all the stuff I got I can't complain at all!

Needless to say... I'm pretty happy with this purchase! Share this page with your friends to spread the word of this offer. I'm not sure how long it's on for, but grab it while you can!

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