Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue is a gorgeous boutique style lingerie shop that has several stores located all over the UK, as well as selling their wears online. You may very well know of the owner of Boux Avenue from Dragon's Den. Yes, Theo Paphitis.
If you get a chance to go into one of their stores I highly recommend it! Firstly, let's start with the smell. Without fail it smells amazing. The goods are set out beautifully and the staff always seem happy to help. Think along the lines of Victoria's Secret, but one of the things that makes Boux Avenue stand out is the fact it stocks bigger bra sizes! Yes, some bras go up to a size 40G! Praise the lingerie lord!

Here are a few things I adore -
I've had a couple of these bra's in the past and I have to say that I love them. They fit me perfectly in my size and isn't the design just darling? They have beautiful lace pattern with bows in the middle and on the straps. I regularly find it difficult to find bras that don't make my boobs look an odd shape, but with this bra, I never had that problem. Available in a load of colours... Well made too!

 These are the shorts that go along with the Chloe bra. When I received these they were on offer where you could buy the bra & shorts for only £25! Bargain! These shorts are rather see-through, but they are so pretty. They also stock thongs if that's more your thing!

I'm all for comfort and you cannot get more comfortable than microfibre. These knickers are SO SOFT. They're a soft pink colour which is very pretty. Again, you can get different colours & thongs.

This wonderful little hand cream features one of the wonderful smells you're greeted with whenever you go into a Boux Avenue shop. I'm glad they made this scent into a hand cream because I'm a hand cream junkie! You only need to use a tiny amount too. Thumbs up.

This hot water bottle is just precious!! It's not too big, which is great and it looks like it's weird a little cricket jumper haha. I love it.

You can buy all these items at or you can visit one of their stores in person.

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