Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Victoria's Secret in Meadowhall, UK

So today I took my first ever trip into a Victoria's Secret store. In the UK we're really behind with the whole VS thing. I believe we only currently have four stores open with another in Leeds opening soon. The store in Meadowhall opened last week and I couldn't wait for my next day off from work to go and have a look around.

I can't say that their bras impressed me much, mainly because their cup sizes just don't go up to fit me. Damn. Thankfully they had the much hyped beauty & fragrance section! I'll admit that having not really looked up prices of VS products before, I was a little shocked at the prices of some of their items. Victoria's Secret is not a cheap place to shop. The body washes, body butters, body sprays etc are all 5 for £30. When they retail at around £12 each it seems like a good deal... that is until you look at the price they pay in the USA. 5 for $30... which when converted means that folks in the States are only paying around £19 for the same items we're paying £30 for! I can't say I'm very impressed with that, BUT the products are really nice. A personal favourite scent in their body products is Mango Temptation. Of course, I'm always a sucker for Mango.

I also fell in love with one of their perfumes called Sexy Little Things Noir, but again we are paying more for it. The 50ml version is £38 and in the States it is $45 (or £29) so of course that is disappointing, but I think the fragrance is next on my to buy list.

Anyay, I bought once item from my visit to the Meadowhall Victoria's Secret store.

It came in this gorgeous bag.

This is an amazing little set of products! I went for the Pure Seduction scent. It's a lovely red plum and sweet freesia scent. You get a body wash, body lotion and body spray & the lovely pink cosmetics bag for £20!

Here's a close up of the cosmetics bag.

These are smaller in size than the normal bottles, but they're a great way to try them out. 

 I just got out of the shower after using the body wash and WOW! It smells so amazing.

I urge everyone to go and take a look around Victoria's Secret... and have a giggle at how long the receipt is.


  1. This is a great post! I'm going to add this to my Christmas presents to buy list as this will make a great present and £20 is reasonable I think.
    Love your blog, it's right up my street! Lol x

  2. Aww I only ever thought we had one Victoria's Secret in the UK! It's exciting to find out that there are more than I thought.

    It does seem rather expensive, 5 for £30... But I guess it doesn't hurt to treat yourself... But you could get loads of nice bath things from Lush for that money, even at Christmas!

    What you bought looks lovely, reminds me of something you would receive at Christmas. :)

    I hope we get a VS in Birmingham soon, I wouldn't mind checking that out.

  3. Thanks for the article. The fragrance company claims to have harnessed a pheromone spray that encourages romance and flawlessly integrated it into a perfume that attracts people of the opposite sex. I haven't tried it yet, planning to try it in future.