Friday, 23 August 2013

Lush Hair Extensions 18" Ultimate Full Head Remy Human Hair Extensions #613 Bleach Blonde

The lovely folk over at Lush Hair Extensions were kind enough to send me over a set of hair extensions for review. This set is the 18" Ultimate Full Head Remy Human Hair set and I got them in the shade #613 Bleach Blonde. "Wait! Your hair is pink!" I hear you cry, well I got them in bleach blonde so that I could easily dye them to match my hair colour.
Before I get started, here's a photo of me with the extensions in -

The first thing I noticed when I took these extensions out of the packaging is just how soft and shiny they are. They felt exactly like my own hair, which of course is amazing if you're trying to match up your real hair to the extensions. You get ten wefts with a different number of clips on each weft. There are 2 three clip wefts, 2 four clip wefts, 4 two clip wefts (at different sizes) and 2 one clip wefts.
All the wefts. I didn't dye the 1 clip wefts as I wouldn't use them.

The first thing I had to conquer with these extensions is dying them. If you are planning on getting extensions and want to dye them with La Riche Directions hair dye, I would definitely recommend getting a bleach blonde set as the colour sticks so much better with bleach.

Here is the colour of the extensions when I first received them.

Here is how I dyed my extensions -

  • Get a piece of foil that is larger than the weft you're going to dye.
  • Lay the weft on the foil and spray with water to saturate the hair.
  • Apply the hair dye with a brush and make sure everything is covered.
  • Turn them over and brush the dye on the other side.
  • Make sure to get under the clips too!
  • I then laid the weft in the foil in the bath.
  • Repeat with the rest of the extensions.
  • Leave them to for around 15-45 minutes.
  • Wash them with a mild shampoo & conditioner.
  • Hang them up to dry! Viola!  
They took the dye brilliantly and match my hair almost perfectly. Yay!

Once your extensions are dry you can then straighten them, curl them etc, but take extra care when you do just to be on the safe side. It's then time to clip them into your hair! I like to backcomb the roots when I'm going to apply the extensions so that the clips have a little bit extra to grab onto.  
Here is the order I apply them to the hair -
  • Back of the head from bottom to top - 3 clip, 4clip, 4 clip, 3 clip.
  • Side of the head - all four of the 2 clips.
I didn't dye the one clip extensions because there just wasn't anywhere to fit them in my hair without them being noticeable. 
You get a LOT of hair in these Ultimate sets. 190 grams in the 18" version to be exact. Obviously it will be heavier for longer sets. It's a lot of hair and takes a bit of getting used to, but they feel secure and eventually feel like your own hair. They didn't itch neither which is amazing!

As you can see... you get a LOT of hair!

What else can I say about these extensions? I love them. They do everything I want them to do. They feel exactly how I want them to feel and they look how I want them to look! Perfection!

Before and after.

The Ultimate sets are available in a range of colours and lengths and range from £84.99 - £109.99 depending on length. You can get them from here -

Sunday, 18 August 2013

MAC Illustrated Bag 2 Indie 184

I received a very interesting parcel a few days ago. I was after a new cosmetics bag for my work bag for a while now as the one I have is quite bulky and sort of square in shape, making it a bit difficult to get everything in my bag. When I saw that MAC had come out with the Illustrated series of cosmetics bags, they just seemed to fit the bill. Big enough to fit all the bits in that I need, but thin enough to not take up half my bag space.

The Illustrated series is compiled by two different artists, Anja Kroencke and NYC graffiti artist Indie 184. Although Anja's bags were really nice, I knew that I had to have one of the Indie 184 bags. I decided on Bag 2 as I loved the design.

Let's take a look at it up close -

Here is the box. As you can see it's got the same design on it as the bag. A really nice little touch.

The inside of the box features the print from other Indie 184 Bag 1! 

Here's the cosmetics bag itself. 

Up close of the print.

MAC on the zip.

The inside of the bag again features the print from Bag 1.

A nice little pocket inside too!

I love this cosmetics bag. The only thing that I was slightly disappointed with is the fact that the print on the bag isn't quite as vibrant as I'd hoped it would be. 

These bags retail at £22 from 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Victoria's Secret in Meadowhall, UK

So today I took my first ever trip into a Victoria's Secret store. In the UK we're really behind with the whole VS thing. I believe we only currently have four stores open with another in Leeds opening soon. The store in Meadowhall opened last week and I couldn't wait for my next day off from work to go and have a look around.

I can't say that their bras impressed me much, mainly because their cup sizes just don't go up to fit me. Damn. Thankfully they had the much hyped beauty & fragrance section! I'll admit that having not really looked up prices of VS products before, I was a little shocked at the prices of some of their items. Victoria's Secret is not a cheap place to shop. The body washes, body butters, body sprays etc are all 5 for £30. When they retail at around £12 each it seems like a good deal... that is until you look at the price they pay in the USA. 5 for $30... which when converted means that folks in the States are only paying around £19 for the same items we're paying £30 for! I can't say I'm very impressed with that, BUT the products are really nice. A personal favourite scent in their body products is Mango Temptation. Of course, I'm always a sucker for Mango.

I also fell in love with one of their perfumes called Sexy Little Things Noir, but again we are paying more for it. The 50ml version is £38 and in the States it is $45 (or £29) so of course that is disappointing, but I think the fragrance is next on my to buy list.

Anyay, I bought once item from my visit to the Meadowhall Victoria's Secret store.

It came in this gorgeous bag.

This is an amazing little set of products! I went for the Pure Seduction scent. It's a lovely red plum and sweet freesia scent. You get a body wash, body lotion and body spray & the lovely pink cosmetics bag for £20!

Here's a close up of the cosmetics bag.

These are smaller in size than the normal bottles, but they're a great way to try them out. 

 I just got out of the shower after using the body wash and WOW! It smells so amazing.

I urge everyone to go and take a look around Victoria's Secret... and have a giggle at how long the receipt is.