Sunday, 21 July 2013

Retail Royalty Challenge - Netherlands Dog Rescure

I've recently been taking part in the Money Supermarket Retail Royalty Challenge. The basic idea of the challenge is Money Supermarket give bloggers £30 to spend on a local charity of our choice.
Having just lost my beautiful dog, Pennie, the Netherlands Dog Rescue seemed like the obvious choice. The rescue is located close to where I live and they save dogs from being put to sleep in local dog pounds. So clearly it's a great cause. I emailed them to find out what items they would like to receive. They replied with dog toys and coats are always welcome.

As dog coats are quite expensive it limited what I could spend on toys, but here's what I bought -

I tried to buy packs with more than one item in them, but I think the fact that my dog Lyla has been trying to steal all of these toys is a good sign!

Then I bought this coat. I ordered it from online in a size XL. I assumed that like most dog clothing I've seen before XL wouldn't be all that XL, but this is huge! I'm so glad as it seems like most of the dogs at the dog rescue are large dogs. I hope this comes in handy during the winter months.

I genuinely hope these items make the dogs at the rescue giddy and warm. 

Please check out the Netherlands Dog Rescue online -


  1. This is a lovely thing you have done :) I am sorry for the loss of your dog, it is awful going through it all as when I lost my dog Kola last year a part of my heart went with her.