Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lexi wig from Wonderland Wigs

Ladies and gents (maybe), allow me to introduce you to the Lexi wig from WonderlandWigs.com.

As you can see, it's an absolutely gorgeous dark purple colour with a lovely lilac shade underneath it. It comes pre-styled in gorgeous loose curls and is perfect if you fancy the beach-look. It also features a finge/bangs which can be swept to either side or can just be kept in the middle if you so wish. 
The colour and style are just beautiful and so 'me' as I love dying my hair weird and wonderful colours. I've actually had my hair this colour before but it just never seemed to last as long as I'd like... now I can just throw on this wig if the moment takes me!
These wigs are made out of 100% Kanekalon synthetic fibre. Don't worry though! I know I've said the dreaded word 'synthetic', but you don't need to worry about these wigs looking shiny or or obviously fake. The fibre is soft, feels almost exactly like real hair and it has just the right amount of shine to allow you to get away with it.

So, if you're off out on a hen party and fancy some weird coloured hair OR if you just fancy a change, Wonderland Wigs is a great place to start... and better yet, the price! I've seen wigs that are terrible quality retail for more than these gems. This Lexi wig for example retails for only £25.99. Good, eh?

If you'd like to check out this wig you can check it out here! 


  1. It looks really good :)
    I ADORE the color :)

  2. That will help you revive the damaged hair strands of your favorite Best Lace front wigs

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