Saturday, 29 June 2013

Simply Be Blogger Takeover Dresses Review!

Today I'll be talking about the Simply Be Bloggers Takeover dresses! This was such a unique idea from Simply Be to ask some popular bloggers to design dresses for them. When I first heard about it I got excited.. and then I saw the dresses and fell completely in love. They are three very different dresses that will appeal to most, or at least one will.

Let's take a closer look...

This is THE dress that I knew I just had to have. The design is so unique, but subtle enough for anyone to wear. It's a skater dress with just the right amount of pleats around the skirt part. It comes to the knee on me, making it the idea length. The bust in complimented by a flattering cut and ruffles. Another good thing about this dress is... It has sleeves! I think far too many dresses these days don't have sleeves and for someone who likes to cover up a little, this is perfect. I love the colours and the fabric is really nice quality; it's stretchy too so I would advise going for your true size on this one.

First of all, please excuse the non-matching trainers in this photo. This dress is really nice, don't get me wrong, but I think it's the one that doesn't suit me and my style. I like to be weird and wonderful and I think this dress doesn't really match that. It features a coral wrap around design at the top and a really nice mesh, floaty skirt part. I think the reason I probably wouldn't wear this dress is because I'm quite self conscious about my boobs and showing them off. I'm not one of those people who enjoys getting stared at for my big boobs when I've got my cleavage out and this dress certainly shows it off, but hey if you've got it and you want to flaunt it then this dress is for you!

This one's a really unique one. It's sort of a midi dress shape with with a little twist. It sort of reminds me of one of the Beth Ditto at Evans dresses she brought out (which to this day is still one of my favourite dresses ever) but without the pockets. The cut of the dress is really nice and it has ruffles at the side on the hips and down the thighs. The print of this dress is peacock and I must say the colours are perfect. Pink and teal are possibly my favourite colours ever so yay! 

So, the summarise I think this is such a great idea on Simply Be's part and enables us to buy dresses that are much more unique and who doesn't want to own a dress designed by their favourite blogger?!

Bravo Simply Be!


  1. Thanks for blogging about our dresses. You look gorgeous in all 3 and its lovely to read your comments.

    Laura xxx