Saturday, 15 June 2013

Latest In Beauty Glamour Edit Beauty Box

When I first spotted this box advertised in the latest issue of Glamour magazine I thought it looked like a very interesting deal. We've all seen Glossybox and Birchbox, but this one is different. Latest In Beauty do one off boxes where you see exactly what you're going to get. This box in particular cost £14.95 including shipping. When you compare what you get in this box to the likes of Glossybox, it really makes you think that GB really need to start upping their game! 

This is what you're greeted with when you first open the box. As you can see, it's bursting with brands that you've actually heard of and love!

This is what I was most excited about. I'm a big fan of Loreal's Super Liners, so imagine my excitement when I saw this was in the box! It's a gel liner that's said to last 24 hours. The colour is Gold Black and I think it's rather good, but not quite as pigmented as I had hoped. It comes with a little brush, but I wouldn't recommend using it as it's quite messy.

Batiste. Where would we be without Batiste? This is a travel size can of this wonderful dry shampoo. Would've been nice to have a full size, but can't complain.

Next is a Revlon nail enamel in the shade Siren. It's a beautiful orangey coral. A really nice summer colour.

This is probably the only item I'm not likely to get on with. I can't for the life of me get false eyelashes to say on my eyelids. Still, these look like rather nice neutral lashes.

Benefit Porefessional is a lovely primer and it's nice to have another sample size version of it. It's really small, but you only need to tiniest amount.

This Stila Lip Glaze is gorgeous. It's a pretty baby pink and gives your lips a lovely shine. It's not very pigmented, but still really nice.

This Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel. The title is quite a mouthful and it has some big claims. I'm looking forward to giving it a go!

John Freida Frizz-Ease. This stuff has been around for years and I used to use it quite a lot. It works really well so can't wait to give it another go.

Finally, here we have The Vintage Cosmetic Company tweezers. Not much can be said about these. They're lovely looking pink tweezers!

You can buy this box from here


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