Monday, 10 June 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Adams Spike Shoes

I'm a huge fan of spikes. If you've been following my blog or YouTube for any amount of time, you'll know that I can't say no to a good spiked shoe... if they're Jeffrey Campbell then all the better! So, let me introduce you to my brand new Jeffrey Campbell Adams Spike!
I have wanted these particular shoes for ages, but I could never find them at a decent price. They always sold at around £150+ and as much as I love them, there's no chance I'm paying that much for a pair of shoes!
So, imagine my surprise when I logged on to the TK Maxx website to find these babies selling for £49.99! And they actually had my size. RESULT! 

As you can see, these shoes are very similar to the Lita Crowns. They have the same spiked toe and the same quilted leather.

The spikes are huge. I love it!

My view.


They zip up the side so it's easy to put them on.

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