Monday, 10 June 2013

FREE Model Co items with Glamour Magazine June 2013

Free products with magazines is always a great thing. Who doesn't love going into their newsagents and seeing a magazine they normally read with a lovely beauty product stuck to the front of it? Now imagine that magazine is at a discounted price and the free product is actually really good? Well, here's the June 2013 edition of Glamour magazine!

This months magazine is at an amazing price of £1 and you can pick up one of five Model Co products completely free! I managed to get four of the five and they are well worth the £4 I paid... plus the magazine is always a good read!

You can pick up an eyeliner, lip enhancer (lip liner), mascara and two lip glosses.
From bottom to top - Lip enhancer, eyeliner, mascara & Strip Tease lipgloss.

Have you picked up any of the products? Which is your favourite?


  1. i got the berry pink lipgloss which smells nice.
    I dont think much of their eyeliners or anything though
    they're made in china, have no pigment and smell nasty