Monday, 3 June 2013

Cartoon Print Skater Dress from Desire Clothing

Ladies... welcome to my new favourite dress! This is the Cartoon Skater Dress from Desire Clothing. I was sent this to review by the company and I am genuinely in love. I've seen this design material before in a New Look skirt that I have and I believe Quiz had a skirt too, but this dress... wow. It has mesh material at the top and the most outstanding print on the bottom half. I'm all for quirky designs and this certainly is quirky. Every single time you look at it you see something new. 

Here's a look at some of the print

On inspection I found loads of interesting things.. the Cookie Monster, Lips, Tape, Robots, Dogs, Ice Creams, Sugar Skulls, Cameos... I don't know who designed this print, but my word did they put a lot of work into it! 

I got this dress in my actual size and I would definitely say that it fits true to size. As for how the dress hangs, well.. it hangs beautifully. Sometimes with skater dresses I find that they can be too gathered and look not so flattering, but this one has the perfect amount of gathering. I find that it fits nicely around the bust too. 

All in all, this dress is amazing and worth the £30 being charged by Desire. It ranges in size from 16-26.


  1. You look gorgeous :)

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