Thursday, 23 May 2013

Yours Clothing Black & White Word Print T-shirt Midi Dress


Today I'll be talking about the Yours Clothing Black & White Word Print T-shirt Midi Dress. I got this a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe how cheap it was. I got it for £23 from the Yours store in Meadowhall. I tried it on in their changing rooms and fell instantly in love. It's very flattering around the boob area if you have big 'uns like myself. It's a gorgeous length, laying somewhere just bellow my knees. I don't have any other dresses that are this length, but I think I need some more!
The design on this dress is just so 'me'. I'll be wearing this a lot this summer!

You can find this dress on the Yours Clothing website


  1. you look lovely in that dress =] and it made me chuckle when i read the bit about the big 'uns haha i share the same,i love your style,all your clothes flatter you so nicely,and the hair just brings an extra awsome touch to each outfit :)

  2. your look are fabulous in that dress. Eating right and feeling good about self is really important.