Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How I style Wrestling / Band t-shirts

I'm a big wearer of wrestling and band t-shirts and I have been since I was young. As I've grown older I've never grown out of the love of a good t-shirt with my favourite wrestlers name on it. It comes with a dilemma though.. how on earth do you style these blocky t-shirts without looking totally manly.
For the longest time I was wearing these t-shirts with jeans, but I never felt anything but 'slouchy', but recently I discovered a way to make them look slightly more feminine. Skirts.
I've never been a wearer of skirts. Like, ever. Dresses, yes, but never skirts. This was until I tried on a skater skirt in New Look and tried tucking in the bottom of the t-shirt. I was quite surprised that it looked girly, but not at the same time. Perfect for me!

Here's me in my favourite CM Punk 'Second City Saint' t-shirt and a skirt from New Look (£9.99).

Here's another skirt from New Look that's got a gorgeous cartoon print all over it (£16.99). It's maybe a little bit 'busy' to be wearing with bright t-shirts, but still, it's an option. 


  1. I really want that black skirt its lovely it looks so nice on :)

  2. Great post Sarah! I style band tees in a similar way and I was eying that cartoon print skirt up earlier, need! xx

  3. nice shirts wao? Black Shirts is awesome i realy like this thanks for share nice blog.

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