Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Glossybox UK - May 2013 2nd Birthday Box

I was really excited about the 2nd Birthday box from Glossybox. Usually the birthday boxes are out of this world, packed with fun goodies and full size items. Imagine my disappointment when I received my box and found there were zero full size items and several I won't even use. Here are the contents of my box -

The best item is the Genechy mascara sample, or so I thought until I opened it and saw just how tiny the sample actually was. Usually with samples you can get a good few months use out of them, with this I'll be lucky to get a couple of weeks. 
There is a face/hair oil in there, which sort of makes me wonder if Glossybox actually use our beauty profiles as I have oily combination skin. I never risk putting oil on my face and oils also seem to wash out the colour in my hair far quicker than I'd like.
There is a tiny primer sample which I used this morning and meh.. it's exactly the same as the GOSH Velvet Touch Primer. 
There is also a face cream. Yawn.
And surprise surprise another Nails Inc mini sample. Have we not had enough of these yet? Don't get me wrong, I love Nails Inc, but a bit of variety in the boxes would be great.
As an added extra there is some Glossybox nail files. 

I closed my box and pondered its contents. For a birthday box that is really poor - Not one full size item and a box that may be worth a tenner at a push.
I decided to take a look at Instagram to see what other people had got and my lord, did I get the short straw this month! In one of the boxes there are THREE full size items, including a La Roche Posay 50+SPF item which would've been wonderful for me and my uber pale skin!

After seeing all the other boxes on Instagram I started thinking that their way of having several different boxes just isn't fair. For example, last month I got a pretty decent box, but so many others got bad ones. Is this fair? Is it right that one box has no full size items while another have three? We all pay the same price, don't we? Isn't it right that we should all get the same items (different colour/skin combos obviously)? Isn't that a much fairer way to do things? 
Glossybox say it's to keep an element of surprise in their boxes. If everyone receives them on the same day, won't we all be surprised with the contents of the box anyway? And not be thinking 'I wonder if I got the rubbish box this month?'

If you think the same way that I do, then please sign my petition to make Glossybox fair! 


  1. Signed! I got the same box as you and was sorely disappointed. :-(