Tuesday, 28 May 2013

First day test - Seventeen On The Spot Foundation

When I spied this on the shelves of Boots I was intrigued. I've been wanting to try a foundation that helps heal blemishes for a long time, but most of them are far too expensive. So when I saw this one I knew I had to give it a go. It claims to give a clearer complexion in four weeks. I snapped this up at £4.99, I believe it was on offer. I got the lightest shade 'Porcelain'. It boasts SPF 15 and claims to be full coverage. But how well does this foundation fair over a day test? Let's find out...

When I first applied this product I was quite annoyed. I used a brush and found the consistency was weird and streaked all over my face. The coverage also wasn't what I would call 'full'. I also noticed that the shade was too dark for me (I'm around an NW10 in MAC) So I took off the foundation and tried again. This time I mixed in some of my godsend Barry M White Foundation and the colour match was much better. It was still streaky and cakey in dry areas. It took a bit of work to get it to look decent. 

Here is the foundation after around four hours of work. It had rubbed away around the dry areas of my nose and had caked a little more in dry areas.

Here is the foundation after a full day of work. From far away it doesn't look too bad but on close inspection it is very cakey in most places and shiny in others.

Here's me after I took off the foundation. My blemishes had actually gotten a little less red after one use.

So, on first application I really didn't like this foundation. The next day I tried applying this with my fingers, mixing in the white foundation as I did. The coverage improved and it didn't look so cakey. So, if you're going to buy this foundation, I would say... use yer fingers!


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