Friday, 31 May 2013

Nail Polish Mania - Barry M, Maybelline & Top Shop

I'm a major nail polish fan. I genuinely cannot resist a pretty polish or a new 'effect' nail polish. I'm a sucker for glitters and gems. Here are a few of my latest favourites...

This polish is from Top Shop and is called Adrenalin. It's the prettiest 3D glitter ever with a predominantly pink colour. It's £6 which is quite expensive, but this colour really needs to be seen to be believed!
Here is the polish over a peachy shade from Seché. This photo doesn't so it justice, but it's still rather pretty.

Here is the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots nail polish in the shade Speckled Pink. I genuinely love these nail polishes. They're not rough and the amount of specks in them is outstanding. This is just two coats. 

Here's what I applied tonight. It is Barry M's Lemon with pink gems on the ring finger. I bought them gems from eBay for 99p with free shipping for 1000 of them. Gotta love gems!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Maybelline Shooting Stars Polka Dots Color Show Nail Polish

When I first saw this collection of nail polishes I fell instantly in love. They looked so interesting in the bottle and I couldn't wait to get them on my nails. Today I'll be showing you Shooting Stars, a gorgeous blue somewhat transparent polish with white and black matt glitters in it. I love the depth of these polishes and no, they're not actually textured. 


Sadly, this is how my nails looked after one day. Granted, I was at work all day, but not even I usually get this amount of shipping after one day. Such a shame, but I still love them.

You can get these from Superdrug and Boots for £2.99

How I style Wrestling / Band t-shirts

I'm a big wearer of wrestling and band t-shirts and I have been since I was young. As I've grown older I've never grown out of the love of a good t-shirt with my favourite wrestlers name on it. It comes with a dilemma though.. how on earth do you style these blocky t-shirts without looking totally manly.
For the longest time I was wearing these t-shirts with jeans, but I never felt anything but 'slouchy', but recently I discovered a way to make them look slightly more feminine. Skirts.
I've never been a wearer of skirts. Like, ever. Dresses, yes, but never skirts. This was until I tried on a skater skirt in New Look and tried tucking in the bottom of the t-shirt. I was quite surprised that it looked girly, but not at the same time. Perfect for me!

Here's me in my favourite CM Punk 'Second City Saint' t-shirt and a skirt from New Look (£9.99).

Here's another skirt from New Look that's got a gorgeous cartoon print all over it (£16.99). It's maybe a little bit 'busy' to be wearing with bright t-shirts, but still, it's an option. 

Cyber Candy Goodies

I made my first ever order from Cyber Candy last week and it arrived today. It did take over a week to arrive which isn't ideal, but at least it got here! For some reason I was expecting it to turn up in a jiffy bag, but instead it turned up in this rather nice box. 

I love this little.. cyber candy man(?) on the side of the box.

In side the box are these Styrofoam pastel bits to keep your items safe.

And there are my goodies! A couple of old favourites and some new tries.

First, Pop Rocks! Who remembers this stuff from when they were a kid? I'm excited to give this a go again to freak the dogs out with the noise ;)

Laffy Taffy. My friend, Saz, introduced this stuff to me and oh my word, it's amazing. It's like a chew stick, but a bit more tasty than the ones we get over there.

I have never tried a Tootsie Roll, but I've heard people go on about them for years now, so I decided to add one to my order to see what the fuss is about! I don't even know what these are haha

We all know I love Hello Kitty, so when I saw these I knew I had to have them! They're basically like Ring Pops but in the shape of Hello Kitty! I'm happy I got the Blue Raspberry flavour, but not too keen on Watermelon.

And finally... the single most amazing candy in the world. Flipz. I remember these being out when I was around 10 years old and I absolutely adored them. I loved the sweet and savoury taste they had with mixing salt and sugar. I tried a small packet of the White Chocolate Fudge ones the other week, but they were nowhere near as nice as these bad boys!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

First day test - Seventeen On The Spot Foundation

When I spied this on the shelves of Boots I was intrigued. I've been wanting to try a foundation that helps heal blemishes for a long time, but most of them are far too expensive. So when I saw this one I knew I had to give it a go. It claims to give a clearer complexion in four weeks. I snapped this up at £4.99, I believe it was on offer. I got the lightest shade 'Porcelain'. It boasts SPF 15 and claims to be full coverage. But how well does this foundation fair over a day test? Let's find out...

When I first applied this product I was quite annoyed. I used a brush and found the consistency was weird and streaked all over my face. The coverage also wasn't what I would call 'full'. I also noticed that the shade was too dark for me (I'm around an NW10 in MAC) So I took off the foundation and tried again. This time I mixed in some of my godsend Barry M White Foundation and the colour match was much better. It was still streaky and cakey in dry areas. It took a bit of work to get it to look decent. 

Here is the foundation after around four hours of work. It had rubbed away around the dry areas of my nose and had caked a little more in dry areas.

Here is the foundation after a full day of work. From far away it doesn't look too bad but on close inspection it is very cakey in most places and shiny in others.

Here's me after I took off the foundation. My blemishes had actually gotten a little less red after one use.

So, on first application I really didn't like this foundation. The next day I tried applying this with my fingers, mixing in the white foundation as I did. The coverage improved and it didn't look so cakey. So, if you're going to buy this foundation, I would say... use yer fingers!

Simply Be Military Print Jacket

Over the bank holiday weekend I got sent an email from Simply Be saying it was free delivery for a couple of days. Naturally I decided to have a gander at their website. I spied this little gem on their sale page for £21.50 reduced from £40. I ordered it and it arrived really quickly, as always with Simply Be orders.
It's a really nice midweight military jacket. It's cinched a little at the waist, making the jacket hang a little more flattering on curvy figures. It's button up at the front with a few zip details too. I'd say this is a really nice spring / summer coat. I'll be wearing it open as a cover up.
I just checked their website and this jacket has gone back up in price to £40-£44!

You can find it here.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Yours Clothing Black & White Word Print T-shirt Midi Dress


Today I'll be talking about the Yours Clothing Black & White Word Print T-shirt Midi Dress. I got this a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe how cheap it was. I got it for £23 from the Yours store in Meadowhall. I tried it on in their changing rooms and fell instantly in love. It's very flattering around the boob area if you have big 'uns like myself. It's a gorgeous length, laying somewhere just bellow my knees. I don't have any other dresses that are this length, but I think I need some more!
The design on this dress is just so 'me'. I'll be wearing this a lot this summer!

You can find this dress on the Yours Clothing website

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Outfit Of The Day

Tights - Yours Clothing
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Margo
Bag -
Necklace - Life's Big Canvas
Ring - QVC

Monday, 20 May 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Crown - Spikes and Quilted Goodness

Maybelline Color Show Chalk Dust vs Loreal Paris Confetti Top Coat

Ever have that thing where you've been waiting for a certain type of nail polish for what seems like forever and then two come along at once? Well, let me introduce you to Loreal's Confetti Top Coat (on the right). I picked this up a couple of months ago from Boots for £3.99. It's a clear polish with small and large specks of black and white. Then there comes Maybelline's Color Show Polka Dots in the shade Chalk Dust. It's also a clear polish with black and white pieces but was a pound cheaper at £2.99. But which one is best? Which should you pick up? Well, here's my review on the two of them.

Here is the Loreal polish on my nails -

I believe that this is two coats. As you can see, it's quite sparse and a bit uneven in places. I found it quite difficult to spread the specks around and it sort of looked a little... unfinished.

Here is the Maybelline polish on my nails - 

As you can see, this polish has a much denser distribution of the specks and also has a more varied selection of sizes which gives a better effect in my poinion. This is also only one coat, which is a plus.

So, which would I pick?

The Maybelline one hands down! It's much easier to distribute over the nail and I think it looks a lot better. It's also cheaper and you get more product!

Face Of The Day

Here is today's make up look. Here's what I used...

Foundation - Seventeen On The Spot foundation mixed with Barry M white foundation
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay 15 Year Palette
Lipstick - MAC
Hair - ... messy bedhead.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Plus size fashion - George Pop Art and Tie Dye

There are some genuinely lovely pieces going on in Asda at the moment. If you're anything like me you'll find yourself a little bored with George at Asda all year 'round apart from summer. Summer is a completely different matter. Their designs get a lot more 'me' and I just can't help myself!

I couldn't resist this tie dye thin jumper. It's quite baggy and hangs lovely. £10.

Here is a lovely Pop Art inspired polka dot t-shirt. It was a snap at £8!

I just genuinely wished that Asda's G21 range would go up to the same size as all of Asda's other clothes. It's such a shame as I'd buy pretty much the whole range. Just because we're plus size doesn't mean we all dress dowdy and bland!

A Coke With Your Name On It

Who's have thought you could get a beverage with your name written on it without taking some Tipex to it yourself? But Coca Cola have taken it upon themselves to adorn their bottles with 150 of the most popular names in the UK, possibly the world. 
With there being a large variety of names you'd imagine that finding your own name would be quite difficult and it appears that it is. I've lost count of the number of Facebook posts I've seen where people have been trying to find their name for days. 
Needless to say the shelves of Coke are in complete disarray as people fling the wrong named bottles to the side in a hope of finding their own moniker. 
I first looked in Asda Living with no luck. Tesco, however, was a much luckier attempt. Not only did I find my first name, but there was also my middle name. I just went with the first name.

Have you found your own name yet?


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Glossybox UK - May 2013 2nd Birthday Box

I was really excited about the 2nd Birthday box from Glossybox. Usually the birthday boxes are out of this world, packed with fun goodies and full size items. Imagine my disappointment when I received my box and found there were zero full size items and several I won't even use. Here are the contents of my box -

The best item is the Genechy mascara sample, or so I thought until I opened it and saw just how tiny the sample actually was. Usually with samples you can get a good few months use out of them, with this I'll be lucky to get a couple of weeks. 
There is a face/hair oil in there, which sort of makes me wonder if Glossybox actually use our beauty profiles as I have oily combination skin. I never risk putting oil on my face and oils also seem to wash out the colour in my hair far quicker than I'd like.
There is a tiny primer sample which I used this morning and meh.. it's exactly the same as the GOSH Velvet Touch Primer. 
There is also a face cream. Yawn.
And surprise surprise another Nails Inc mini sample. Have we not had enough of these yet? Don't get me wrong, I love Nails Inc, but a bit of variety in the boxes would be great.
As an added extra there is some Glossybox nail files. 

I closed my box and pondered its contents. For a birthday box that is really poor - Not one full size item and a box that may be worth a tenner at a push.
I decided to take a look at Instagram to see what other people had got and my lord, did I get the short straw this month! In one of the boxes there are THREE full size items, including a La Roche Posay 50+SPF item which would've been wonderful for me and my uber pale skin!

After seeing all the other boxes on Instagram I started thinking that their way of having several different boxes just isn't fair. For example, last month I got a pretty decent box, but so many others got bad ones. Is this fair? Is it right that one box has no full size items while another have three? We all pay the same price, don't we? Isn't it right that we should all get the same items (different colour/skin combos obviously)? Isn't that a much fairer way to do things? 
Glossybox say it's to keep an element of surprise in their boxes. If everyone receives them on the same day, won't we all be surprised with the contents of the box anyway? And not be thinking 'I wonder if I got the rubbish box this month?'

If you think the same way that I do, then please sign my petition to make Glossybox fair!