Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Random post - WWE, being a girl & Wrestlemania

I know this isn't what I usually update about, but I started typing and this happened...

The week started out in the early hours of Monday morning, well 12am to be exact when Wrestlemania began. Being female and being a wrestling fan often gets you either a) picked on because it's not 'girly' (I've had this my entire life) or b) the male wrestling fans will look down on you like you know nothing because wrestling is a 'male sport' despite the fact that there is a whole division dedicated to women who wrestle. This is why I'm thankful for the few males friends I have that I can have a decent indepth conversation about wrestling with.
I've been watching it since I was four years old... In other words, I know my stuff and it's nice to have conversations where the 'fake' factor doesn't come into it. Where you both know and understand that, yes, while wrestling can be scripted and the winner is always predetermined, it is still a great for of entertainment. It's like watching Eastenders with big sweaty men. Nice.
So, what did I make of Wrestlemania? There were some good points and there were some bad. The highlight of the show for me was always going to be CM Punk vs The Undertaker. It's a clash of childhood me and current me. 'Taker was around when I was four.. with his grey leather gloves. Then the purple ones with his mask. Oh yeah, and not forgetting the time when there were two Undertaker's. Yeah, wrestling is stupid. A place where someone can come in and steal your identity without people realising. Again ,that's another reason why it's like Eastenders. Ian Beales daughter for example. Surely he'd pick up on the fact that she clearly wasn't the same person. Oh no, not in soap land!

Anyway, I had a feeling in my bones that Punk was going to be the one to beat the streak, but sadly I was wrong. Deep down I knew it wasn't going to happen. Undertakers streak = DVD sales. Roll on 25-0 the DVD. Vince will be rubbing his hands together with dollar signs in his eyes.

I felt as though since losing the belt Punk has been loosing steam. The feud with 'Taker would've been enough to push him to the BIG times. Even people who don't watch wrestling know about 'the streak' and I believe that Punk needed that win. Sure, he still gets the crowds chanting his name even though he's a heel, but I just can't see a direction for him to go in now. Who can he feud with? WWE have said they've finished up the Cena feud, so that means no more title shots for a while, but with the possibility of Cena turning heel (If that EVER happens) who do the WWE have? It wasn't long ago they said they didn't have enough decent heels, but now I think they have too many and not enough faces that the crowd can really get behind. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Punk as a heel, but a face turn would be something to really get the steam rolling again. My opinion.

There were few other matches that actually caught my attention. FaaannnDaaannnGoooo certainly didn't deserve to win over Y2J on the grand Wrestlemania stage. Someone said recently 'Jericho loves losing. He's got that used to making other people look good he just doesn't know when to stop' and it's true! I'd love to see Jericho  win some matches and maybe have another title reign before he retires into the Hall Of Fame.

HHH vs Brock was predictable and didn't really keep my attention all that much and to be honest, neither did Cena vs Rock Part 2. It was clear that super Cena was going to win this time around, but as there were rumours floating around of a possible heel turn I stayed watching only to see the exact opposite. Rock & Cena on the ramp holding up each others hands. Every chance for Cena to clock Rock in the face with the belt, but no. It was entirely too nice if you ask me. I used to love the surprise heel turn moments, but there doesn't seem to be that many anymore. Even Punk's heel turn was very slow and not obvious for a few weeks.

I just think the event could have been so much better. The Miz winning the IC title on the Pre-Show and then losing it the night after. What's the point in that? I think the creative team need to sort their act out and give us some decent storylines. No, this isn't the Attitude era, but surely there are better writers out there than this?

Oh, and the following night's RAW was around a million times better than Wrestlemania itself. The crowd MADE that show. The cheering as Ziggler won the belt were epic. I hadn't heard a crowd like that since Punk won the WWE Championship in front of his home crowd at Money In The Bank. Amazing.

The night after 'mania... sporting CM Punk t-shirt & hoodie and looking understandably tired -

I also feel like I need to post this... Chris formerly of Editors chats about Wrestlemania. Could this be more perfect?


  1. I get your pain over being a girl and liking wrestling - it's even worse when you have wrestling tattoos.

    I think WWE creative are going for a facelessheelless roster now. But if Cena turns heel (probably won't..) Sheamus is set to be the next "big" baby face, from what I've heard.

    Punk did need that win though! A massive problem with creative is Vince - he still has the guiding hand and is so obsessed with old talent, he changes his mind on things moments before matches (remember when Beth got screwed for the butterfly in her home town?) Undertaker is getting older and needs a break, Punk would have been the perfect person to end it to in my eyes and they just missed that chance. Unless they repeat it next year but ugh, all PPV's seem the same right now. And there is no way they'd get the heat on the storyline next year like they did this year.

    I just worry that with all the main events they give the older guys, that by the time they're all retired we're going to have no show stoppers because no one really has that grips the audience in the same way.

    I haven't really marked out to a PPV since CM Punk's MITB. That's coming up to two years ago now, right?

  2. i feel your pain. my husband is the one who got me into wrestling, so he is understandably stoked that i enjoy it as much as he does. every other friend i have though... not so much.