Friday, 15 March 2013

Yankee Candle

Today the post has been quite interesting and very Yankee Candle-y.
On the left we have a small jar of Sparkling Lemon. This one if a good one, mainly because it was a freebie. If you have ever shopped on before you may (or may not) know about 'Treats' that they have every month. Treats are freebies that Very send you if you make an order and enter a certain code. It was a random choice of which candle they sent you and I must admit, I'm really happy with this scent! It's really fresh and light.
The big candle is Bunny Cake. This is one of the Easter scents that Yankee Candle have produced for 2013. I love it's pink colouring and the scent... oh my word... It's a gorgeous coconut, vanilla cakey kind of smell. I have it burning now and it's completely filling the room. I wasn't expecting this one to be quite a strong as it is. Mmmmm. I ordered this from I was a little nervous about ordering from this website because it seemed a little bit unprofessional, but as you pay through Paypal, I thought I could claim the money back if I paid and nothing arrived. The candle arrived in a timely fashion and well packaged too, but best of all a lot cheaper than in stores! I may also have ordered the other Easter 2013 candle by Yankee called Chocolate Bunnies, which was a scent from last year too, I believe. I'll make a post once that arrives.
At the bottom we have a tart called Mountain Berry which is a USA exclusive scent. I really wish we could get this one over here, because the jars cost so much money on postage! The scent it one that really appeals to me. Lovely berries and a little bit of a sweet edge to it. I managed to grab this tart from eBay for a couple of quid.


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