Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Collect London Owl Vest - As Seen on Aiden Grimshaw

When I saw Aiden on the cover of GT Magazine I initially couldn't look away from his pretty face, but then I paid attention to what he was wearing and tell a little bit in love with his vest. I did some searching around and found that it is from Collect London. They only print a certain amount of garments with that design and when I ordered a couple of days ago there were 13 prints left and the last time I checked there were 2 left. I bet it's all down to Aiden and all his Grimlings!

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Monday, 21 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

This is my 100th post on this blog and what better way to celebrate than some pics and swatches of the MAC Wonderwoman collection...

Here's the packaging for the Mineralize Skinfinish.

Here's a swatch of the Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink Power.

As you can see, the size of the MSF is HUGE compared to MAC blushes (far left) and normal mineralize skinfishes (far right)

All the packaging has this pretty star design inside.

Here's a pic of the size difference between a normal MAC lipglass and the ones in the Wonder Woman collection.

Heres a swatch of Emansipation.

Defiance eyeshadow quad

Here's the swatches from the Defiance eyeshadow quad

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dainty Doll Cosmetics by Nicola Roberts

When I first saw that Nicola Roberts was to bring out a cosmetics range I got excited. When I heard that it would be specifically made to suit paler skin tones, I got even more excited. I think there's a massive gap in the market for people with really pale skin. I constantly struggle to find foundations that are light enough for my skintone. Although I would love to try to foundation from this range, I can't seem to find it anywhere to buy it. Argh! Anyway, here's a look at the Dainty Doll range that I own.

This is the packaging of Dainty Doll. I adore it. It's so cute and well designed. The only issue that I have with it is that it can be hard to open. I had to rip open the lipstick boxes because they just wouldn't open!

This is the packaging for the lipsticks. I really do like the sleek look of this. It's really cool to the hand and I can't work out if it's because it's metal or if it's plastic. Either way. It's pretty.

Here's the bottom of the lipsticks. They are all numbered instead of having the shade names on it which is a bit of a shame. But I happen to know that they are 004 - Material World & 005 - In His Kiss.

On the left is Material World & on the right is In His Kiss.

Here are the swatches. On the left is In His Kiss and on the right is Material World.

Here's the packaging for the eyeshadow and eyeshadow base. Again, it's very sleek and pretty. I liiiike it.

Here is the back of the eyeshadow base. Again, no name, but it's called Bette Davis Eyes.

Here's what Bette Davis Eyes eyeshadow base looks like. It's slightly more yellow based in real life. The base works really well. It's supposed to brighten the eyeshadow and show it's true colour while remaining creaseless and that's exactly what it does. It can also be used on its own just to brighten the skin around the eye.

This is what it looks like on the skin unblended.

Here's the primer blended.

Here's the eyeshadow 001. It's called Are You Experienced.

Are You Experienced?

Here's a swatch of Are You Experienced. It's a very pretty matte medium brown.

Here's the blush 001. It's called Hippy Shake.

Here's Hippy Shake. It's not quite showing how light it is on this photo but it's the best I could get. It's a pretty pinky lilac. It's very light coloured so I doubt anyone could really wear this as a blush. I think it should've been called a highlighter instead of a blusher.

Here's a swatch of Hippy Shake. As you can see it's a very light colour.

Here it is blended out. As you can see it's a perfect colour to a highlighter, which is what I'll be using it for.

So, I love this make up range. It's so pretty and really well made. All these items are on sale at the moment from

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