Saturday, 6 November 2010

MAC - A Tartan Tale Collection and other items

Wow. It's been ages since I've updated this blog. I'm sorry about that, but today there's something a little special today... the MAC A Tartan Tale collection! This is the holiday collection for 2010. It's not that festive, but I do really like it. Here are the items that I bought-

Hark The Heraldry Face Kit (Red box): This little compact kit contains 'Dame' sheertone blush, 'Plum Foolery' sheertone shimmer blush and 'Oh So Fair' beauty powder blush. So far I have used Dame & Plum Foolery. Both of the colours are beautiful and last ages. The compact is displayed incorrectly on the MAC website. It's shown in an orange box when really it's red. The only downside I can see to this product is the fact that 'Oh So Fair' was in the previous Disney collection. It's one thing to repromote an item, but releasing the same item in the collection straight after it is a little bit of a rip off!

6 Beauties Play It Cool eyeshadow kit (Blue box): This palette is wonderful. Some of the colours are rather unique and I think most of the colours work well with each other, but a couple of the darker colours can look a little too alike on the eye. You also get a mini brush with it. Usually these mini brushes say 'MAC' and the number of the brush, this one however does not. Thats a little disappointing.

Courting Lilac Glaze lipstick (left): This one is baffling. In some lights it looks a pinky brown colour and in others it looks like a dirty purple colour. On the lips it looks more of a dark pink. I'll be honest, I don't like this lipstick very much.
The Faeire Glen Lustre lipstick (right): Everyone knows I'm a sucker for nude lipsticks and this one is beautiful. It's not just a nude to wash out your lips - it's got a little bit of brown in there to make it a little more obvious. It goes on like a dream too. Love it!

A Wish Come True eyeshadow: I adore the design on this eyeshadow. It's so cute although this one looks a little more like Burberry than the other ones. The colours mix together wonderfully to make a gorgeous pinky nude colour. It is rather pigmented too which usually isn't the case with these special edition cute eyeshadows.

I also picked up these Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper Viva Glam postcards. I thought that they were just cute postcards BUT they're also stickers! How cute?

That's it for MAC. Now onto the other things I got today...

Superdrug has now began to stock Accessorize Cosmetics. Of course I had to pick some up...

This baked eyeshadow is in the shade Golden Caramel. It looks like such a pretty colour. I cannot wait to use this.

This blush reminded me of MAC's Moon River, which is my favourite blush ever. It'll be fun to see if it does a good job.

I beleive this lip gloss is called V.I.P. It looks like a deep, dark purple but when you put it on it just gives your lips a very subtle shimmer of lilac. Very pretty and it smells beautiful!

When I saw that Sleek Make Up had a couple of new palettes out I had to dive on them. I LOVE Sleek Make Up. Sadly I found that they only had the Good Girl palette and not the Bad Girl palette. I stoill bought the Good Girl one and I adore it! It's got such pretty colours in it. Love. Love. Love.

This cute little brooch is from Primark and it was only a quid! Bargain!

I LOOOOOVE THIS BAG CLIP! It was only £2.50 from Primark. It's possibly the best thing Primark have ever made. Cuteness.

This pretty scarf was only £3 marked down from £7.99 in H&M. I love it!

When I saw these I obviously had to have them!

This is my beautiful new bag! I got it from New Look. It should've been £19.99, but at the moment they have 25% off on all bags so it worked out at £14.99. I adore it. It's very soft and furry. I think it looks a little like a River Island bag, actually.

So, that's all folks.

Until next time.
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  1. I didn’t know there were new edition Sleek palettes out, I may well have to lookout for them, I have used my Storm palette to death, so much so I think I warrant a new one.

    The bag clip is so cute too!

  2. I love the Faerie Geln it is so pretty and I got the Accessorize blush too it is pretty similar to moon river which is great because I love it too

    and that blush is so lovely :)

  4. Mac Collection is great. I've got the Sleek Palette, good girl and bad girl too. But do you like Beatles?! I Love them, they are my idols =D Where have you found that cute cards??? =)

  5. I absolutely LOVE moon river too! Been through about 3/4 pans! They need to re-release it already! xo