Friday, 19 November 2010

Girls With Attitude Burlesque Beauty False Eyelashes

Just over a week ago I was contacted by Girls With Attitude and asked if I would like to review their new false lashes that are inspired by the new Burlesque movie featuring Christina Aguilera and Cher. I was a little nervous about doing the review because I've only ever managed to get false lashes on once before. I generally don't have the patience to put them on and can never seem to get them right.
Imagine my complete surprise when I managed to put them on first go! This has never happened before. I was so impressed.

These ones are the Coco lashes. These ones look beautiful! I haven't tried them on yet, but they look so thick they will give a beautiful look to the eyes. I cannot wait to put these on. I'll do another update about them when I do.

These are the Trixi lashes and these are the ones that I put on. They were so easy to use it was crazy! Simply apply the glue with the provided brush (we'll get onto that in a second), look down into a mirror and apply. Easy peasy! They are really lightweight and you can't really feel that you've got them on. Wonderful.

Here is what the lashes look like on -

Here is what you get in the box apart from the false lashes themselves...

You get lash glue and a special unique application brush. It's really simple to use. Just put a little glue on the white tray that you get the lashes on and carefully apply the glue to the lashes with the brush. It's so easy to apply.

So, in conclusion these are the easiest lashes to apply that I've ever used. I've tried loads of other brands but they never seem to want to stay on my eyes, but these were simple and easy. Thumbs up.

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