Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sophie's Soap

So today I received a package from the lovely Sophie from Sophie's Soap (www.sophiessoap.co.uk). Sophie makes beautiful handmade soaps of all shapes and sizes. They are all SLS free, which means there are no unwanted chemicals in there. They are also vegan friendly and haven't been tested on animals, which is brilliant!
Sophie contacted me to review some of her products and I received the package this morning. Here's a look at what she sent me to give you an idea of what some of the items look like. I'll be posting a review of these on my youtube channel as well as on here so keep checking back :)

Mini CupCake Soap - £1 each

Hello Kitty sparkle bar soap - £1.85

Cupcake Handmade Soap - £3

Pirate Skull Soap - £3

Choc Chip Cookie Soaps - £3.75 for 3

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  1. I am SO excited to see my soaps on your blog!! Thanks so much for doing a review- I cannot wait to see the video! The photos look great - really professional! :) xxxx

  2. They all look really pretty! The Hello Kitty sparkle one is probably my favourite! I'm a total sucker for anything pink and glittery! :)