Friday, 22 October 2010

Harajuku Lovers Wicked Styles Lil' Angel & Hello Kitty stuff

Today I picked up this brand new Lil' Angel Harajuku Lovers perfume! The new selection of HL's are named 'Wicked Styles'. Each HL had their own style from Japanese culture. Anyone who knows me knows I love Japanese culture and these styles are amazing. Lil' Angel is dressed in the Gothic Lolita style, which is one of my favourites. Something else I love about these is the fact that their hair is a felt sort of material. It's so lovely.

These are on sale now for £20.

I also got some Hello Kitty items today -

This is an alarm clock & money box rolled into one! I loooove it!

My new Hello Kitty watch! I got this while it was listed on Boots' website for £15.66. It's now on there for £40! So I got a bargain!

My new Hello Kitty x Harrods plush! I adore this so much. It's so pretty.

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  1. Ooh I'm such a Harajuku Lovers junkie, I can't wait to see the full range of Wicked Styles :) x

  2. A friend off mine is going to London next April
    I'm asking him to pick me up the Harrods
    Hello Kitty.It is preety.

  3. ​I am also in love with Japanese culture and their creations. The bottle design of this perfume is so unique and so awesome. I have used a couple of Issey Miyake Perfumes and I just love the fragrance of Japanese perfumes. Thanks for sharing this post.