Sunday, 10 October 2010

Barry M Indigo Nail Paint Review

Barry M Indigo Nail Paint
£2.95 from

I've been a massive fan of Barry M Nail Paints for a couple of years now and I try to buy the new ones when they come out. So when I saw that two new colours and the Instant Nail Effects had been released I rushed out to purchase them. Sadly the only one that was in stock at both Superdrug and Boots was the Indigo one. I picked that one up and hopefully I'll be able to get the others in the near future.
The photo above makes this nail paint look a little bit more blue than it really is in the pot. It's a beautiful mix of blue and purple. The exact right colour for the name, I think. But when you actually apply it to the nails it just looks like a navy blue colour. I can't really see any of the purple. It's a rare thing for Barry M to look different in the bottle to what you get on your nails.
As with all Barry M Nail Paints the consistency is lovely. It's thick, but without being too gloopy. As always the colour pay off is second to none. The brush is easy to use with very little mistakes.
The one downside that I can see with these nail polishes is the fact that they do chip quite easily. I put applied mine on Friday evening and worked on Saturday followed by going to see Jimmy Carr live and when I returned home my nails were slightly chipped around the edges, but for just under £3 you can't expect everything, can you? Barry M are still one of my favourite brands for nail varnish and this colour is lovely.

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