Sunday, 12 September 2010

Le Mans Series...I met Giancarlo Fisichella :D

Today my dad and I went to Silverstone to see the final round of the Le Mans Series. We got to the circuit at around 8:30am and after parking up we set off to have a look around the track. I noticed a stall that was selling Giancarlo Fisichella caps so obviously I rushed over. The cap was from years ago but at £6, how could I resist? I also noticed they were selling the Fisichella teddy bears for £3 or 2 for £5. I bought one, because I already had one and I wanted to keep one in a box.

We then headed into the paddock area because there was an autograph session that we taking place at 10am. I located Giancarlo's lorry and stood outside it.

Because we were there so early I expected to be waiting around for ages to meet Giancarlo, but he suddenly appeared. He was lovely and here are my photos...

^ Giancarlo signing my flag :D Yay!

And finally...

Yaaaay! Twelve years of waiting and I finally met him. I'm so happy!

Someone had obviously been editing Ben Collins' information. LOL.

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  1. Awh this is amazing. I have yet to find enough money to go to a GP race let alone meet one of my fave F1 drivers!

  2. Im so happy for you hun :)
    That is so amazing and you look so adorable :) I love your hair :)