Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I received some Calvin Klein cosmetics in the post this morning. I got them from because I've been eyeing them up for a while and when I saw the prices I had to order some. So here's what I got -

Here we have the Calvin Klein Infinate Hydration Foundation. It only cost £5.50 and I got it in shade Warm Neutral, which I believe is the lightest shade. The coverage isn't that great, but I think there's a chance that it would make a good base for other foundations. I think I might apply it with a sponge tomorrow instead of with my fingers.

This is an CK eyeshadow in the shade Honeymoon. It's a really nude colour that's quite hard to see, but I really like the gold look without it being in your face.

Here with have a Calvin Klein lipstick in the shade Oasis (101). It's a little lighter than it's showing up in the photo, but it's beautiful. It's a nude shade with a really nice gold shine to it. It looks beautiful on.

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  1. Lovely stuff, I was a bit dubious about all of the cheapo CK stuff online, but it looks nice :)

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