Thursday, 23 September 2010


So today the Beth Ditto at Evans collection was released in stores outside of London and of course I had to go and try things on. I grabbed everything that I wasn't getting sent from the lovely people at Evans and tried them on.

This is what the store looks like as you walk in. I really like how it's set out. Had a nice conversation with a Evans colleague about Beth and how lovely this collection is.

This is the paris print hanki hem top. I LOVE this. I think it hangs beautifully and would look great with jeans too if you wanted to wear it as a top instead of a dress. Love. Love. Love. Bought this one.

This is the black jersey belted dress. I was hoping that this would look amazing on me, but I don't really think it did a thing for me. Didn't buy this one.

Here we have the black ruched jersey maxi dress. The good thing about this dress is you can customise it quite easily with the ruching. I thought that the dress would be far too long for me, but after a bit of customisation I thought it looked rather nice. I didn't buy this, but I think I will in the future. I don't actually own a LBD. lol.

This is the black and ivory longline top. What can I say? I adore polka dots! I didn't think I'd like this one that much, but once I tried it on I fell a little bit in love. It's rather hard to get a picture that does this piece justice, but trust me.. it's lovely! Bought this.

This is the black and ivory spot t shirt. I was looking forward to this one. I quite liked the idea of just a normal t-shirt, but sadly I wasn't a fan of it on. It's very skinny fitting. I tried one on that was a size to big for me and it was still so tight. Sadly, didn't buy this.

I really wanted this! It's the black and ivory spot dress. Sadly the store had sold out of my size so I had to try on the size above and it was far too big for me. It's such a shame because I really wanted this!

These are the lace studded ankle boots. I adored these from the moment that I saw them. I can't walk in heels to save my life, but I'm willing to try for these! Bought them.

This is the floral print pocket dress. This was the biggest surprise of the collection. I didn't expect this one to look ok on me, but I love it! It fits so lovely on the bust and I love the addition of the pockets! I always feel lost without pockets, lol. Bought this!

So that was that, or so I thought.. Once at home there was a knock on the door and two lovely packages arrived. They contained my samples from Evans for doing their video last week. I was so excited I jumped around for a little while hehe. I was left to try them on and take photos in my parents bedroom. Not ideal, but you get the idea.

Here we have the floral print denim skirt and heart lurex short cardigan. I probably wouldn't wear these two together, but I do love both of them. I think the cardi will be one of the best sellers from this collection. I don't own a skirt(!) so this one is a lovely one to begin with!

This is the lightening bolt jumper. This one was one of my favourites from the moment I saw it last week. It's rather hard to get a good photo of it, but trust me it's beautiful. I've read in other reviews that this is itchy and they're not wrong. It is very itchy, but it's easily sorted if you just were a t-shirt under it!

This is the black knitted hooded cape. Love this! It hides all lumps and bumps and will come in SO handy over the winter months. Gives the warmth of a jumper but without feeling so close. Love it.

This is the heart print hanky hem top. This is almost identical to the paris top. This one is a little more on the edgey side with the colours. It's beautiful. I love how it hangs.

So all I need to say is.. I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!

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  1. Super cute Sarah! I love you in the pencil skirt.

  2. You should of gotten the black ruched jersey maxi dress, you look so lovely in it! Sempt to grab all your curves in the right places (without trying to sound pervy!) I so wish I could shop at Evans, but I'm a dress size down. Grr! They have such lovely stuff at time xo

  3. I love all the collection! *_* I'll be in London next week, i'm planning to spend a lot of money, yeah! XD

  4. I practically live in a couple of items from her last collection but there's no way I can afford to spend on the new lot at the mo! You look really great in them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What lovely stuff! I wish Evans would do a range for smaller girls but I guess that would be defying the point lol :)

  6. Some lovely stuff Sarah! Love the Paris hanki hem top! Thanks for sharing! xx

  7. That floral print pocket dress really suits you! Not sure if they carry this in the states. Guess I will have to look because those boots are todie for!!!

  8. I must say.. you are so beautiful Sarah :) I love how you are not afraid to show your curves.. I always hide them...You are a real rolemodel you know :) I love everything you bought (and recieved) but my most favorite ones were the black knitted hooded cape and the heart print hanky hem top and the shoes :) I always loved Beth Ditto I think she is very beautiful.. and also a rolemodel :)