Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sanrio Friends @ Build A Bear, Good Things Skincare, etc

First of all let me tell you how excited I am about the new Sanrio Friends collection at the Build A Bear Workshop. There are three new additions to the Sanrio line and includes the repromote of the white Hello Kitty. The other characters are My Melody, Chococat & Keroppi.
I personally love the way that Chococat looks the most, but I will be purchasing My Melody because she is my favourite character (other than Hello Kitty & Kuromi of course)
I will also be getting the white Hello Kitty because I only have the Tropical Hello Kitty at this moment in time. I can't wait. I also can't wait to get the little leopard print top that Hello Kitty is wearing in that promo photo. Needless to say it will be mine! It's going to be quite an expensive day out :-/
I love Build A Bears but they are so bloody expensive so buying two will cost me quite a bit, but they'll be worth it I'm sure.

In other news... over the past couple of days I've been trying out Good Things Skincare.

I've used the Stay Clear Cleanser & Five Minute Facial Mask so far and I must say they seem really good. The cleanser is the nicest smelling skincare product I've ever used and it really makes me skin feel clean without leaving it greasy and the Mask? I've just used it and my skin feels so soft. Thumbs up so far!


  1. OMGOSHY!!! -squeals with glee- Im super duper excited about the sanrio friends too!!! :DDD

  2. OH....MY....GOODNESS!!!

    NEEEEEEED Chococat! I might get Keroppi for my niece as well...she'll love his big eyes!

    Thanks for the heads up on these! :)