Sunday, 30 May 2010

Londoners help me!! hehe

Hello all. I know I haven't posted here in ages, but I have a massive favour to ask any Londoner that would be willing to help me out.

Basically, I would love someone forever if it would be possible for someone to purchase a few items for me that I cannot get up here in Yorkshire. I'd pay you, obviousy via PayPal or cheque or postal orders.

What I'm looking for -
* Lime Crime D'Lilac lipstick from Space.NK. (I already have one of these but I broke it and I miss it so!)
* INGLOT Freedom Palette (I'm really interested in these, but I don't know about prices etc)
* INGLOT lipsticks

If anyone could help me out that would be wonderful

I'll also try to post things on here more often again.


  1. Hi Sarah, email me here Priyanka x

  2. Hi Sarah, if you still need help let me know!x