Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I haven't updated this blog in a while! So here I am! Thank you to everyone who bought something from me on the my blog sale. I hope you love the stuff you got :)

I'm heading off to see Dave Gorman on Friday! That man is surely one of the greatest legends that's ever existed! He's playing the good old Sheffield City Hall and of course I had to get tickets to it. It wasn't until a few minutes ago that I remembered that I'm on the second row! I can't wait. I've never been so close to the stage before. Niiiice! Long live Dave Gorman and his genius ways.

Soon I'll be dying my hair red again! This time instead of going for XL Live Colour's Real Red, which turned slightly orange on me, I'm going to be using Red Passion, which is a much more deep red, but will probably fade to a rather nice colour. Hopefully!

My mum and I did a strand test on it the other week and I think that by next week my hair will be ready to take it. Being blonde is brilliant but it's so much hard work to keep up. Harder than when I had a million colours in it lol.

Another thing that's happened since I last updated... I got my iPhone! As anyone who's watched my videos will know because I have been going on about it quite a lot lol. I adore it so much. It does use a lot of MB though. Hope my 1GB internet usage will be enough!

I got this Incipio Feather case in the post today.
It's actually bloody brilliant. It's super thin and has a really nice matte finish to it. I also adore the colour of it. So pretty. It's much nicer than the Griffin one I had before. It was far too bulky.

I did, however, order these two cases from eBay-

Amazing eh?!


  1. omg, those cases are amazing!!! WANT x

  2. i had my hair the 'red passion' colour for about a year, it was my fave hair colour ever, but its so hard to keep red. be prepared to dye it every month or so! :) x

  3. omg im in love with that iphone case i been looking for the same one on ebay but can't find it :(