Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I feel as though I'm being slightly childish but I think I'm back on my WWE obsession! This is often seen as sad because A) I'm a girl B) I'm 23 years old C) It's 'fake'.
Well, the way I look at it is... it was my first love. I adored WWE back when it was WWE and Bret Hart was on the top of his game. It was all I talked about and it will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first love! Jeff Hardy has been my favourite wrestler since around 1998 or whenever it was when he and Matt were the 'nobodies vs big name' people who were on the crappy weekend shows on Sky1 in their green plaid spandex haha.
Jeff has everything, right? He's the most entertaining wrestler there has ever been in the ring. Who else throws their body around in the name of entertainment as much as he does? He's also very sexy, obviously.
I saw one thing on amazon today that I couldn't say no to. It's the figure/model that is pictured in this post. It's Jeff doing the Swanton Bomb. How amazing does it look? I can't wait to get it.

Other wrestlers that I've been a fan of include Chris Jericho (mainly during his first 'heel' incarnation in the Attitude Era) and Triple H.

Anyway, I doubt anyone who follows this blog is that interested in my wrestling fixation haha.

It's snowing so badly today, but the main thing that has made me mad is the fact that we got no post today! I want my packages damnit haha
Maybe tomorrow eh?


  1. I was always a WWE, well WWF fan when I was younger as my brother was. I used to love it!
    Triple H and Stone Cold were always my favs!

    One of my mates has recently joined the WWE, well actually about a year ago but he was out with injury for a while. Drew McIntyre? Dunno if you have heard of him!

    Him being in it showed me how much the wrestlers are 'characters' though. As they have him as a different name (his name is Drew Galloway) and such a put on scottish accent, well he is scottish but it is forced so much more. And he is also a baddy if I am not mistaken, which is so unlike him, as he is a lovely sweet guy!

    Its great you being interested in something 'non girly' - would be boring if we were all the same!

    Lisa x

  2. Yay , i found people who do like wwe.... ;D im know im 15 , and im a girl but come on ... its cool. And when the wrestlers get pwned is just epic. even if it is fake DX are just hilarious :L