Thursday, 21 January 2010


ELF High Definition Powder vs MAC Transparent Finishing Powder

I recently made an ELf order and received it a few days ago. One of the items I bought is the ELF High Definition powder (£6) and I decided to compare it to MAC's Transparent Finishing powder (£17).

Here we have the ELF powder. As you can see, it's a very finely milled white powder than turns transparent on the skin and gives a really nice finish. You get 8 grams of product inside this rather large container. As you can see, if you shake the container too much, quite a lot of product does come out and it can get a little messy.

Here is the MAC Transparent Finishing powder. This powder looks very similar to the ELF powder. It's very finely milled and comes in this compact container. You also get 8 grams of product in this powder. The idea of the powder is the same as the ELF one - gives the fact a more perfected look. Brilliant!

The verdict -
Packaging - I quite like the packaging for both of these products. The ELF powder is in a much larger container, but you get the same amount of product as the MAC. I think the MAC container is a little better at keeping the powder inside the pot instead of flying into the air. Verdict - MAC.

The Powder - I really do quite like both of the powders. They both work really well for their job. They both make your skin feel super soft and really perfect your complexion. They both make foundation stay a lot longer than usual too. I quite like that the ELF powder gives a little bit of a glimmer to your face. Verdict - ELF.

Price - Hands down ELF is more worth the money. You get the same amount of product in both of them and there is a difference of £11! The ELF powder for £6 truly is a bargain. Verdict - ELF.
Overall winner... ELF!

ELF Mineral Face Primer Vs GOSH Velvet Touch Primer

When I thought about doing a comparison of both of these products I thought there would be a clear winner. I have been using GOSH Velvet Touch Primer for over a year now and I adore it. I obviously assumed that nothing could possibly beat it. It turns out that I was wrong! The ELF Mineral Face Primer would just as well at a fraction of the cost! The ELF primer is a mere £6 whereas the GOSH will set you back £13! That's a whopping saving of £7.
When you first dispence the product both of them look the same until you actually look at them together -

On the left if the GOSH and on the right is the ELF.
As you can see, the GOSh primer is much runnier than the ELF. I find that the ELF is much easier to use and a very little goes a long, long way. Perfect!
The ELF does just as good of a job at priming your face as the GOSH and just look at how neat the packaging is! It's also mineral so that's got to be good, right?
Overall, I believe that my staple face primer will be replaced by the ELF for a long time to come! :)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Nick Heidfeld in F1 2010?

I haven't really talked that much about Formula One on the internet in a while. I've mentioned bits and bobs on Twitter @FoundOnFilm, but I decided today would be a good day to talk about my feelings of how the F1 season is planning out so far. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if by chance you are into F1 them please comment and tell me your views.

The 2010 season so far isn't looking like the best season for me and my favourite drivers. For example, Giancarlo Fisichella is now Ferrari's reserve driver. This basically means that he is only there to stand in should a main driver not be able to compete. This means I will never get to see him or cheer him on pretty much. There was a glimmer of hope recently that maybe he would be driving for Sauber (because Ferrari supply the engines for Sauber now) but that hope was dashed today when Pedro De La Rosa was announced as the final driver for the team. I think that's a bad call. Pedro was never even that great in F1 when he was in his prime. Fisi would've obviously been a better choice. But what do I know.

The main thing that is worrying me this year is... Nick Heidfeld (see picture)
Since the demise of BMW Sauber his status in the F1 world has been under question. He was linked with the Mercedes GP seat next to Nico Rosberg until Michael Schumacher announced his return to the sport. Part of me was really pleased that Michael would be returning because I was a major Michael Schumacher fan before he retired. But mostly I am sad because a seat at Mercedes GP would've been Nick's best chance of actually having a good season. I don't think he's ever really been given a good enough car to let him showcase his skills.
Since his seat was taken by Michael his future in F1 has been in doubt. He's pretty much the only good driver yet to get a race seat for this season. More recently he's sort of been linked to drive at Renault with his former BMW Sauber team mate, Robert Kubica. I think this is his last chance to get a drive as there are only a couple of seats still available. I really hope that he gets to race next season. If he doesn't... what on earth am I going to do?? Both of my favourite drivers out? I can cope with one of them not racing but both of them? That's seriously hell for me. I'd probably lose interest in five minutes. Bah.

Come on Nick!
Everyone cross your fingers for him!!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Love = Hello Kitty Trainers

Oh my lord! I am in love! Today I went to Lakeside Shopping Village in Doncaster. Most of it was closed because we got there too early, but once Lillywater(?) opened I saw Hello Kitty trainers! Firstly I saw kiddies ones and was jealous, but then I saw womens ones and almost died of excitement (yes I really am that sad). Obviously I bought all three pairs that they had in. Here they are...

Here we have the 'coverse' style trainers. These were only £6.
How can you go wrong for £6?!
They seem really well made and I love the fact that the tongue is pink. I think it adds a little bit of extra niceness to them.


Here are a beautiful pair! These actually have a picture of Kitty on the side. How pretty? I adore the fact that there is quite a lot of silver glitter around all the joins. As anyone who knows me will know...
And I also love Hello Kitty. So both are PERFECT trainers!


These are possibly my favourite pair. I like how obvioust it is that it's branded Hello Kitty :D
I adore the silver shiny flowers on the velcro straps. I think the blue and white look really nice together. I think they look much more expensive looking that £12!



Sunday, 10 January 2010


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Here's my loooovely new Hello Kitty light up statue. It turns some really beautiful colours. The red and pink are so intense. It sits proudly on my desk from now on. If you want one, I got it from here - @minmineasy's eBay shop

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Here are a few more things that I got yesterday:
* - Hello Kitty Roller Rescue PC game
* - WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 Playstation 3 Game
* - WWE Annual 2010
* - 'Twist Of Fate' The Matt & Jeff Hardy Story DVD
* - Night of Champions 2009 DVD

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Jeff Hardy - Immune To Fear T-Shirt.

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Three magazines and an Edge air freshner.

I have a couple more things coming in the post. I have a few WWE figures coming including a pretty rare Jeff Hardy one and Chris Jericho.

Back to work tomorrow.... Hmph.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Finally got out of the house!

Yay! After a few days of being stuck in the house because of the snow I finally managed to get out of the house annnd my MAC order finally came!

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We have-
Feelin' Good Tinted Lip Conditioner
Pretty Please lipstick
Siss lipstick

At first I wasn't sure about Siss, but I tried it on my lips and it looks rather nice actully. Pretty Please doesn't show up on my lips quite as well as I'd hoped it would, but perhaps that's because my lips are cracked at the moment so the colour can't spread evenly. As for the tinted lip conditioner... I am in love! It's possibly better than my Pink Fish lip conditioner. Perfect!

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Samy Products
These are two lovely looking products by Samy. We have the Fat Hair '0 calories' Thickening Promade & spray. I tried a little of the promade and it reaally did make a difference. I hope the more I use these products the more impressed I get!

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Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes & Beautyuk neutral palette
I ran out of my favourite Simple facial wipes a few weeks ago now and have been using others that are nowhere near as good as I was waiting for them to go into some kind of offer, but they haven't yet so I just bought one pack for now. Also pictured is the Beautyuk neutral palette. It looks rather pretty but I haven't even swatched it yet, but I've heard good things from people. Fingers crossed!

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GOSH lip gloss & Maybelline Coverstick
I was quite pleased to see a few GOSH products were on sale for half price today in Superdrug. I picked up this reaally pretty lipgloss that sort of reminded me of Morning Glory by MAC. I also got a new concealer by Maybelline. I've tested it out and so far so good!

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Hello Kitty Car Mats
These are the main reason I headed out today. They're on sale in Argos for £9.99, down from £24.99!! How good is that? The quality of these is amazing. They're so heavy and look really well made. The only worry I have is that they do look rather big. I hope they fit in my little Grande Punto. They only had one left in Argos too. Lucky!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I feel as though I'm being slightly childish but I think I'm back on my WWE obsession! This is often seen as sad because A) I'm a girl B) I'm 23 years old C) It's 'fake'.
Well, the way I look at it is... it was my first love. I adored WWE back when it was WWE and Bret Hart was on the top of his game. It was all I talked about and it will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first love! Jeff Hardy has been my favourite wrestler since around 1998 or whenever it was when he and Matt were the 'nobodies vs big name' people who were on the crappy weekend shows on Sky1 in their green plaid spandex haha.
Jeff has everything, right? He's the most entertaining wrestler there has ever been in the ring. Who else throws their body around in the name of entertainment as much as he does? He's also very sexy, obviously.
I saw one thing on amazon today that I couldn't say no to. It's the figure/model that is pictured in this post. It's Jeff doing the Swanton Bomb. How amazing does it look? I can't wait to get it.

Other wrestlers that I've been a fan of include Chris Jericho (mainly during his first 'heel' incarnation in the Attitude Era) and Triple H.

Anyway, I doubt anyone who follows this blog is that interested in my wrestling fixation haha.

It's snowing so badly today, but the main thing that has made me mad is the fact that we got no post today! I want my packages damnit haha
Maybe tomorrow eh?

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Birthday haul

Hey everyone! It's my biiiiiirrrrtthhhhhhdddaaay! :D I made a haul video, but my camera decided that it didn't want to save it so I'll have to remake it. Ho hum!

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Hello January!

Here's what I bought from Sheffield-
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and this is what my mum and dad got for me! :D

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