Friday, 18 December 2009

Two days off and other ramblings

Hey everyone!
Finally I have two days off work! Let me tell you, 9 days straight (including a few 7am starts and 9pm finishes) really takes it out of you! I know people may not really think that working at HMV is a hard job and in some ways I suppose there are harder ones out there, but we have a lot to do, especially when you're in charge of a section like I am. There's orders to do, stock to be put out, top seller reports, CITing, repricing, serving, cleaning, moving sections around, remerchandising and at this time of year... helping Christmas temps out and other stuff. At Christmas working in the one and only music retailer is hell on earth. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and can't really see myself working anywhere else, but Christmas is so stressful and it ruined my Christmas last year. I'm not quite as stressed this year, thank god, but there's still a week to go! I'm working Christmas Eve and Boxing Day too. Blagh!

ANYWAY, two days off. I'm going to see Russell Howard tomorrow (as I've mentioned in every post I've made recently haha) I'm rather excited about it. Then on Sunday I'll be doing the last of my Christmas shopping on Sunday at Meadowhall. Woo! I only need to get a few bits, including buying something for my dad to give to my mum...

The dilema of what phone to buy once my contract is up continues. I was pretty certain that I was going to get the Nokia E72, but my friend bought an iPhone yesterday and let me play on it during my dinner today and now I am confused beyond belief. I think I might be leaning slightly towards the iPhone now. Except the main thing that I use my mobile for is the internet and the lay out of the internet on the iPhone is a little annoying, or maybe it's because i'm not used to it. I'm used to Opera Mini, where you have an option to have 'mobile view' where it fits the whole website to fit your screen and you can still read it without having to zoom in. Oh the confusion!

Now, Formula 1 chat. The main rumour going around right now is that Michael Schumacher will be returning next year with Mercedes GP. Part of me is excited to see Michael back but most of me is sad because Nick Heidfeld was supposed to be getting that drive with Mercedes. I really wish that he'd get given a good enough car to win some races. I think maybe he'll stay with Sauber or perhaps not get a drive at all and that would depress me a lot, espceially because Giancarlo is no longer going to be racing. I wish test drivers drove in races haha.

On a more cosmetics based chat, I was included on the Celebrity Hall of Fame!!
How amazing is that? I'm really proud!

I also urge everyone to watch this video!
It's Field Music's new song and video. David and Peter are wonderful blokes and so nice. I can't wait to see them again in Feb and get all giggly while talking to David again. They are the most underrated musicians I've ever come across and any little bit of promotion I can give them is my pleasure!
Field Music - Them That Do Nothing

How good is that?!

I was thinking of doing a 'Photo of the Day' sort of thing, where I take a photo of something random that happened that day. An object, place or person. What does everyone think?

I'm off now. Speak soon!



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