Monday, 28 December 2009

Random things.

I cannot wait for next Saturday for two reasons. A) It is the first day of my week of and B) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!
I'll be 23 years old and I'll be getting my wonderful Soap & Glory Big Thrill hat box! My mum got it for me the other week when it was on Deal of the Week in Boots for only £20! That's a saving of £30. Not bad if you ask me. My mum is also treating me to a trip to Newcastle to see Editors in March which is my main Christmas present. I'm so excited. I adore Newcastle and I adore Editors even more! I cannot wait!

I got three new cases for my iPod Classic today. They were all only £3 each, but of course I got my discount on them. Such a bargain.

I also just ordered something from a website and I'm hoping it is what I think it is. It's the Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition. The photo on the website is this-
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On the HMV website this is £139.99 and on this certain website it's £16.99 so I'm doubting that it is actually the one pictured, but if it's not then it's blatantly false advertising because that's the picture they showed! I won't be very happy!! hehe

Anyway, I better get to bed.


  1. Love Soap and Glory - Thats amazing bargain. We got my mum the Gok Wan full Boxset when it was offer of the week. I notuced that jack boxset a few months back on amazon at a really cheap price but it back up to over £100. I'm sure if it's not the one on the website they could refund you etc?

    Love your blog by the way!