Friday, 17 July 2009

Field Music = Love

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Peter & David Brewis (Andy not pictured. Sniff.)

You have no idea how happy I was made when one of my fellow Field Music fan friends posted a link to an article featuring the news that Field Music will be returning for a 3rd/4th (depending on if you class Write Your Own History as an album proper) album. Field Music are simply the best band in the world in my opinion. I've adored them for years now and have enjoyed many a good gig in the presence of three amazing gentlemen named Field Music.

When I first heard their music I was amazed at how unique it was and I soon fell in love with the noise that was unmistakeably Field Music.
The first gig I went to was at Leeds Cockpit. I only got to see Field Music as Field Music four times, but several other times as other incarnations, The Week That Was and School of Language (I was particularly impressed when David as School of Language supported himself in Field Music... If that makes any sense!?

It's been far too long since I've seen this band, the last time being at The Harley in Sheffield as The Week That Was. I still find it amazing that David recognises me. Such an amazing down to earth bloke.
Moi and Mr David Brewis many moons ago
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And there is a slice of Field Music goodness for anyone who many not have heard them..

Field Music
School of Language
The Week That Was


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