Saturday, 7 March 2009

CCO, my palettes & Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty PJS

Hello Kitty knickers!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hello Kitty & Grand Duos pics

I picked up a few things today from Meadowhall :)

Moon River mineralize blush duo from the Grand Duos collection.

Moon River swatches. Sooo pretty!

She Wants Candy lipglass.

On The Prowl nail polish.

Pro postcard :)

More photos & swatches from other things..

Fashion Mews.

Fast Friends.

Pink Fish tinted lip conditioner.

Tippy Blush.

Pretty Baby

Coralista :D

Paris Hilton Just Me perfume.

My Nica Nemo bag <3

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Hi everyone. I was going to do a video today about some of the things that I got in the post today, but I simply couldn't be bothered to put make up on to just take it right back off again lol. So I'll probably just show the stuff I got in the next video I make. Though I must mention this... I GOT CORALISTA! Oh my lord, I love it so much. It does look slightly like NARS's Orgasm blush, but it's got less shimmer, which I do like.

I'm currently just watching The Simple Life and laughing like an idiot. Paris and Nichole are so funny, but it is obvious that they're not quite as thick as they make out. I'm quite looking forward to watching Paris Hilton's British Best Friend tomorrow (? I think it's on tomorrow.) That show really is so bad that it's good. I'm not to keen on any of the people who want to be her friend other than Sam. He's quite funny.

I just looked on the UK MAC website and the Hello Kitty collection is on there! So all you UK people who haven't ordered yet, get on there! There's also another collection on there with mineralize blush duos. I'm looking forward to seeing those in the store on Friday. I'm also extra excited that for the next 4 days everything at Debenhams is 25% off and 10% off cosmetics. 10% off MAC! WOOT!! I also asked my parents to get me a bag while they were off on 'holiday' from Dehenhams. It's a beautiful bag by Nica and omg I love it. I look at it everytime I got in Debenhams, but it was far too expensive but now everything is 25% off, I thought oh to hell with it. I've wanted it long enough. I'll be sure to show it in one of my videos in the future :)

That's all for now!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Too Dolly Quad ... Heatherette dupe?

Today I received my Too Dolly quad from MAC's Hello Kitty collection. I'm still slightly pissed off about the fact that in total it will have cost me about £50 to get it shipped to the UK.. but oh well. At least I have it now.
Upon opening the palette I must admit that I was overwhelmed with CUTE!! The packaging is adorable, but I couldn't help but think that I'd seen the 'Too Dolly' colour before in the past. I grabbed my Heatherette trio 1 and thought a-ha Mood Ring.. dupe? I'll let you decide...

Pretty red glitter!



Too Dolly

Stately Black

LEFT: Too Dolly over Rollickin paint pot
RIGHT: Too Dolly by itself

TOP: Heatherette trio 1
BOTTOM: Too Dolly quad

Too Dolly next to Mood Ring

Too Dolly & Mood Ring next to each other with Rollickin pain pot

Monday, 2 March 2009

MAC Hello Kitty

Never have I seen a greater bit of news. COME TO ME HELLO KITTY!

New Look, Primark & Lush

Hi there! :)

Here's post number two in my new shiny blog. I made a haul video on my youtube account and thought I'd take some more detailed photos of what I got!

My lovely New Look neon pink t-shirt. £16.
I love neon pink these days. My nails are currently neon pink too!

New Look red/cream dress from New Look. £25.
I haven't had a dress since I was a kid so this is qutie a big step for me!

A close up of the design of the dress.

Polkadot cami from Primark. £4.

Chain bag from Primark. £6.

Neon pink suuuper soft scarf from River Island. £9.99.

Britney Spears Fantasy 100ml. £19.99

Honey Bee bath bomb from Lush.

Porridge soap from Lush.